5 Things To Take Into Account Before Going To Cuba


Not every country allows the freedom of going wherever we want. Please make sure in your Embassy if you need visa for Cuba, how long it lasts, the requirements, etc. As a recommendation, try to have it sorted at least a week before your flight.

Airplane tickets

The sooner you get it, in general, the cheaper. It is also interesting to take into account the dates (if it’s a weekend or within a weekday, if it’s in high/low season).

Our favourite website is skyscanner.com.


Even though in all Hollywood movies, people go around in the old American cars… The reality is that if you want your own convertible 50s car, you need to hire it. There are “modern” cars but the engines are constantly being repared, because importing to Cuba is expensive. Also, a lot of the times, the order doesn’t even arrive.

Almendrones, guaguas, carros, colectivos, coco-taxi, bici-taxi… There are many options and depending on your plan, you will need one or the other.


There are several options: you already have family or friends in Cuba and you are staying with them, you are more into an all-inclusive Hotel, or you might have no idea of what there is or how to book…

Casas particulares are Cubans’ houses that have set up their homes to accommodate tourists or travellers. They own a licence and a sticker that the government gives them. If they don’t have this symbol, it could be a scam. 

The main advantage (versus a hotel) is that you have contact with the Cuban society. In general, in these houses, Cubans offer continental breakfast (natural juices, yoghurt, toast, jam, egg, pastries…). Plus, since they have contact with tourists, these people are usually open minded, very likely to strike a conversation with a coffee in between. If you are not looking for an all-inclusive, this is the best way to discover the real Cuba.


As of January 2020, there are two currencies, but the policies have been changing. 

  • CUC – Convertible Cuban Peso. Equivalent to aproximately 1$. Due to Cuban and USA’s relationship, we recommend you to exchange Euros, since the exchange is a lot better.
  • CUP – Cuban Peso.  1 CUC is equivalent of around 25 CUP. It is the currency used by Cubans. Foreigners can also use it, but it doesn’t have as much value.

Where can we exchange?

  • Airport
  • Hotels
  • Cadecas – Casas de Cambio – “Houses of Exchange”

Remember to take your passport to exchange currencies!

We remind you that all our guided tours include private transportation, meals and accommodation in casa particular.
If you want to enjoy Cuba without worrying about the details, take a look at our guided tours.

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5 Things To Take Into Account Before Going To Cuba

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