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What is Cuba Senses?

Cuba Senses is a travel agency that offers guided tours across Cuba. Whether it’s a cultual plan, salsa dancing, beach or jungle… All our tours can be changed to the traveller’s preferences. They include accommodation, meals and private transportation. We prepare you a trip where the only thing you need to do is to enjoy your time.

Cuba Senses is born of a desire to show Cuba from a local point of view, without forgetting the richness of the Cuban History, Culture and flavour. That is what makes the island what it is. For us, Cuba is a scenery paradise of both beach and jungle. It is a mixture of joy and cheekiness with the endurance of situations that are, without getting political, complicated. It is a land of History and Culture from which a lot of people get only the corner of a picture instead of the whole image.  
We have been working in Tourism for more than 15 years and honestly, we have seen it all: tourists that want beaches and mojitos, salsa dancers who look want to dance every single day, History lovers who adore walk and admire beautiful buildings, adventurers who look for any spare time to do some exercise and a long etcetera. 
We have realised of the need to create a space so that, whatever your interest while travelling is, it is possible to organise it in a easy, simple and fast way. We have encountered too many tourists who, due to lack of awareness, have paid more than it was necessary.
Cuba Senses respects the tourists and treats them as a member of our family. We want you to feel at home in this amazing island.

Meet the team...

We are a team of specialised profesionales, each in our own sector and we have years of experience. Our aim is to share our island, History, culture and traditions with you so that you can enjoy your time in Cuba.

Mayté Frometa

27 years working in Tourism. Graduate in Tourism and specialised in Nature Toursim. She has experience in with the Tourism of Switzerland, France, Martinique, Guadalupe and Canada.

Jorge Luis Pérez

30 years of experience with European Tourism. Specialised in Switzerland and Germany.

Marta Ramírez Vaquero

Spanish by birth, Cuban by heart. She travelled to Cuba in April 2019 and found the kindness and affection of the Cubans. From then on, she shares her experience to whomever will listen to her about the wonderful things about Cuba and its people.

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