Experiences of a Spaniard in Cuba

Cuba is undescriptable. I think it is a very interesting country to discover yourself. I believe it is important to go without any expectations and learn as much as possible. I heard a quote that sounds cliché, both from people who have visited Cuba and from Cubans themselves. “THE BEST OF CUBA ARE THE CUBANS” […]

Brief Cuban History

Colonialism When the conquerors went to Cuba, they brought products that did not exist in the Cuban agriculture. Since there was more work to do, they decided to make the aboriginal people slaves, so that they worked for them. The conquerors also brought slaves from Africa to further work on the agriculture in Cuba. These […]

5 Things To Take Into Account Before Going To Cuba

Visa Not every country allows the freedom of going wherever we want. Please make sure in your Embassy if you need visa for Cuba, how long it lasts, the requirements, etc. As a recommendation, try to have it sorted at least a week before your flight. Airplane tickets The sooner you get it, in general, […]

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